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09 October 2012 @ 11:37 pm
[translation] Oristar Sept 2012: KokiXUeda Crosstalk (1/2)  
*Disclaimer: My translations are not perfect (in fact they are pretty far from perfect), but please do credit if you repost/take bits of my translations for your own use. Translating is not easy so I would appreciate it if you could respect me and my work. Thanks! ^___^

Picture Credit: junfes@weibo, shared bykissmegreen. (click to enlarge) Translated bymixedstrategy

The new song is choreographed by Taguchi!
Our ‘kizuna’ [1] Story

Tanaka Koki X Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN)

The KAT-TUN new song ‘Fumetsu no Scrum’ is here. About this song where the kizuna between nakama [2] can be felt, we went straight at members Tanaka Koki and Ueda Tatsuya. For them who had just started a new variety show, what does it means to be KAT-TUN. We asked about their group’s kizuna.

“Although the 5 members have strong personalities, it also becomes the strong point of KAT-TUN”

The new song is choreographed by Taguchi!
A song about creating kizuna between nakama

-- The new song, ‘Fumetsu no Scrum’ can be said as a KAT-TUN-style ‘kizuna song’.

Tanaka: For us, we do sing songs with such a theme each time, though. The song ‘Yuuki no Hana’ (‘WHITE’ coupling song), which we sang at the end of our recent concert, can be said as a ‘kizuna song’ too. However, for ‘Fumetsu no Scrum’, there is a message like ‘together with our nakama’, so although that part is new there is a nostalgic feeling.

Ueda: For me, it’s different from our usual style. For example the melody, at the start there is a kayou (T/N: traditional Japanese music) -like image. And, as Koki has said, there is a nakama-like feeling in the lyrics that we’ve never had before.

Tanaka: Although the melody was a little out of place at first, after adding our voices, in the end it somehow became like our style.

-- Talking about something like ‘freshness’, the dance this time round feels like something we haven’t really seen before.

Tanaka: That is because it was made by someone different (laugh). The choreography was done by our member Taguchi (Junnosuke), and it shows quite a bit of his style. This time, Taguchi himself probably feels quite a lot of ‘accomplishment’ (T/N: He literally said ‘I did it’-feeling.) We also felt quite a lot of ‘We helped’-feeling too, though (laugh).

-- How did Taguchi-san become in charge of the choreography?

Tanaka: During a meeting, Taguchi said it. ‘I want to try doing the choreography.’ And it became ‘How about you try?’

-- When Taguchi-san was doing the choreography, did he take a lot of initiative?

Tanaka: He was annoying!? (laugh)

Ueda: That’s… true (laugh). But, it felt that he was putting in a lot of effort. It was his first attempt after all.

Tanaka: Although he is usually not the type to voice his opinion, he said things like ‘Yosh, let’s do it, in any case let’s just do it! Uepii, try moving a little more to the centre!’, and took leadership.

-- So, the completed Music Video has a crossover between parts where you danced with all your might and a drama part with bowling as the motif.

Tanaka: It’s surreal (laugh).

-- About the dance, it was showy and had many highlights. And also, about the members, they also have the parts that they seem to understand the most, don’t they?

Tanaka: Indeed, this time round, there was no complains about the choreography (laugh).

Ueda: Because it was a first experience. Everyone was cooperative. If we weren’t…

Tanaka: That fellow will really go into a panic (laugh).

-- Tanaka-san, when did you write the rap lyrics?

Tanaka: During recording, I was told ‘We want rap to be added in’, and when I asked ‘What kind of song is this?’, I was told that it is the theme song of Kanjani 8’s Yasuda (Shota)’s drama ‘Dragon Seinendan’, so I added the word ‘dragon’ etc.

-- Through singing them at music programmes and concerts, the meaning of the songs can be shown more clearly right?

Tanaka: Yes. Because for KAT-TUN songs, we feel that they are completed only when we sing it in front of an audience. There, no matter when the audience does, such as dancing along etc, we’ll always discover new things.

Who is the youngest child of KAT-TUN?
Wanting to show everyone’s strong character.

-- The First Press Edition that includes Tanaka-san’s solo song and the music video, that was a first try.

Tanaka: I was told by the staff ‘First, we would like to go with Koki’. About 2 weeks before hand suddenly.

-- Starting with Koki-san, and from there all the members…

Tanaka: I said that I wanted to do it.

-- Why was Tanaka-san the first one?

Tanaka: The staff-san said ‘Because you are free now’, but that wasn’t true! It was a really stressful time for me! Since the shooting of the PV was done on the day before the shooting for ‘Ooku’ (TBS) started.

-- Hence, one day Ueda-san’s turn will come too. Ueda-san writes his own music and lyrics too right?

Ueda: I’ll think about it when the time comes.

-- Please start to warm up earlier (laugh).

Ueda: No, depending on the time the things I want to do will change quite a bit.

... to be continued

[1] kizuna means bonds/ties. I thought that it would better to leave it as it is as it conveys a stronger meaning.

[2] nakama means comrades/friends/people with the same goal. As above I thought that it might convey a stronger meaning too.

T/N: Did anyone miss me? ^___^ Anyway I am done with my midterms so I am back to translating :))
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sugiex: Ueda concertsugiex on October 9th, 2012 04:11 pm (UTC)

FnS is like, one of KT's most coordinated dance in a loooong while. I bet that's cause Taguchi is a slave driver XD

And Koki, tossing random english words into your rap shouldn't be the way to go ;_;

I hope Ueda composes a soothing song no engrishh rock songs please

Thank you for translating ^_~ /back to notes
Aluakard: kame-gokusen2aluakard on October 9th, 2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for translation!!! So nice and funny words from Koki and Tat-chan.... :D

ayame: argillaayame_hadouken on October 9th, 2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
thank you for translating this <3<3
spirit_diamond: pic#118541746spirit_diamond on October 9th, 2012 04:38 pm (UTC)
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And of course a huuuge thank you for translating!
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Koki and Tatchan is so ♥

Thanks for sharing. ♪
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numix87: Dazzling Junnonumix87 on October 14th, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)
Tanaka: Although he is usually not the type to voice his opinion, he said things like ‘Yosh, let’s do it, in any case let’s just do it! Uepii, try moving a little more to the centre!’, and took leadership.
KYAAAA!!! JunDa!

Thank you so much~